The Thought

A small group of school buddies had a thought, a dream, that has taken shape after seven years, thanks to social networking sites! It dawned upon us, that we could perhaps use this medium for a bigger purpose than ourselves. What could be more relevant and significantly impacting than education, considering that it was what brought us together in the first place?

That was our aha! moment. It did not take long for our dream to become a passion, and our passion to grow into a definitive vision – and there from, eLIGHT was born!

eLIGHT – Lighting up lives through education…

What does eLight do?

eLIGHT helps in providing education to small, poorly established orphanages and deserving meritorious students as we strongly believe that only Education can shape their future better.

How does eLight do this?

We seek funds from eLIGHT members and donations from others, not only through cash but also in kind - Notebooks, Stationery, School shoes, School bags, Uniform, Cycles, etc. With the funds collected, our points of contact reach out to orphanages, homes and deserving students and it is ensured that the money and materials will be used in a way to benefit the child’s education. All monetary transactions will be posted on the website. We welcome contributions of any denomination. This can be done online or sent to us as cheques/moneyorders.

How can I help eLight?

If you know of any orphanage, home or children who need help with education, please let us know! If you would like to get involved in eLIGHT’s activities like visiting orphanages/homes/families of the children, purchasing and delivering materials, etc, we thank and welcome you!
If you share our vision and wish to light up a child’s future, become a part of eLIGHT and contribute! We heartily welcome monthly contributions of any denomination!
If you wish to bring happiness to these children on your special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc), please let us know and we will make the day special for you, and for the children!

How can I be sure that my contribution reached the child?

We, at eLIGHT not only make sure your contributions reach the child, but also provide you the follow up in the child’s career so that you can actually see and feel the change you made! eLIGHT will furnish details about the orphanages, homes and the children whose lives have been touched by you, including the school fees receipts paid, material purchases made for the students, as well as other relevant expenses. This entire information will be posted on the website for members to track then and there after every event. Bank statements will be emailed to the members on a monthly basis. Donations received will be published on the website every month name wise. Also account statements will be prepared and circulated for every quarter.

How are we doing?

We have funded over Rs.43,480 through 7 events

4 events in Chennai

3 events in Salem District